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So far, BetterOff’s website is unfortunately only in Danish but here is a short introduction to BetterOff.

BetterOff is a start up with a social profile developing digital tools to support people, who wish to discontinue antidepressants. We are currently testing an online user forum with peer to peer support as well as support from experts. Also under way is an app, which can be used as a diary and to register withdrawal symptoms.

Based in Copenhagen, BetterOff is founded by Line Diemer Lyng, who has personal experience with withdrawing from antidepressants. Fear of relapse and withdrawal symptoms can make it very challenging to stop taking antidepressants, and there is a need for more knowledge and for support that can supplement the dialogue between patient and doctor.

BetterOff is in no way affiliated with the pharmaceutical industry. The project is financially supported by grants as well as volunteer work. Our approach is that antidepressants are an important, sometimes essential, tool in the treatment of moderate and severe depression. However, it is also essential that patient and doctor continue to assess when the medication has served its purpose and when disadvantages such as side effects overshadow the benefits.



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